Crush. Screen.
Pulverize. Demolish.


Since 2020, we’ve recycled and reused over 500,000 tonnes of aggregate

… saving 500,000 tonnes of space in our local landfills.
Ag Custom Crushing is


We crush materials like concrete, asphalt, or solid rock into usable aggregate for construction projects. Our state-of-the-art Keestrack R5e utilizes a diesel electric power train which reduce fuel consumption as well as requiring less fossil fuel-based oils for general operation. The crushing unit maximizes our clients project efficiency further with the ability to generate up to four different gradations of product at once. The unique power train allows us to further expand the efficiency by utilizing two 60ft radial electric drive stackers which in most cases eliminates the requirement for a front-end loader to stockpile products. Optional optical laser scale provides real time production and accurate data for clients reporting needs.

Capacity: Up to 400 Tonnes per hour 

Our Shearforce SP30V hydraulic pulverizer attachment makes quick work of large concrete with a 41.5” opening applying up to 320 Tonnes of cutting force. This attachment goes hand in hand with our Keestrack R5e impact crusher as we can easily reduce oversized feedstock as well as remove rebar and steel. 

Utilizing a Keestrack K5 two deck screening plant we have the resources to screen and sort materials into three separate gradations in one pass. This is ideal for several applications such as removing debris from soils or gradation of materials to meet certain specifications, we can accommodate an extensive number of configurations to meet the project needs. With each unique project we have the resources and experience to meet the requirements. 

Capacity: Up to 450 Tonnes per hour

Keestrack R5e Impact Crusher with Optical Laser Scale

Keestrack K5 Screening Plant

Shearforce SP30V Pulverizer Attachment

Link Belt 350X4

Cat 326F Excavator X 2

Cat 972K Front End Loader with Loadrite Scale

John Deere 744K Front End Loader

Vale 60ft Electric Drive Radial Stacker X 2

Environmentally Conscious

Our work revolves around the Earth - and the Earth is first on our mind.

We reduce our carbon footprint by using a Diesel electric crusher which allows us to run all electric equipment.

AG Custom Crushing utilizes all newer model equipment meeting current regulatory emission standards. Our Keestrack R5e impact crusher takes this a step further by utilizing a diesel electric power train system which powers the impact crusher itself as well two fully electric drive radial stackers which can often eliminate the need for a front-end loader during the project. In addition, this power train system greatly reduces the amount of fossil fuel-based fluids required for the operation of the unit. 

The cement industry is one of the worlds largest producers of carbon dioxide (CO2), creating up to 5% of worldwide man-made emissions of this gas, of which 50% is from the chemical process and 40% from burning fuel. The CO2 produced for the manufacture of structural concrete (using ~14% cement) is estimated at 410 kg/m3 and 290 kg/m3 with 30% fly ash replacement of cement. Overall, it is estimated that the concrete industry contributes between 4 – 8% of global CO2 emissions worldwide. Similarly Asphalt production also contributes to CO2 emissions at up to 65 kg of CO2e per km of road.

AG Custom Crushing provides crushing services to recycle and reuse these materials as much as possible. Concrete and Asphalt are materials that can be recycled and reintroduced into new concrete or asphalt production as well as used as road base or structural fill.  By recycling and reusing these materials both our company and customers are protecting the future of our environment by reducing the carbon footprint one ton at a time.


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